Corpus Christi & John XXIII Accommodation Review

The accommodation review process for Corpus Christi and John XXIII schools will follow the review process as outlined in the Board's Pupil Accommodation Review policy.

Accommodations Review Committee - ARC

ARC Membership
NPSCDSB Joanne Bénard (Chair) Superintendent of Education
Grace Barnhardt Superintendent of Business & Treasurer
Danny Russo Manager of Plant and Health & Safety
Corpus Christi School Dan Seguin Principal
Colette Wilson Teaching Staff Representative
Rosemary Graham-Hoover Non-teaching Staff Representative
Jennifer Barker CSAC Chair
Shauna Dupuis Parent
Dale McKenny Parent
John XXIII School Charles Tancredi Principal
Denise Selin Teaching Staff Representative
Joyce Daniels Non-teaching Staff Representative
Gary Vassbotn CSAC Chair
Lianne Girard Parent
Marc Gauthier Parent

ARC Contact Information

Voice mail
(705) 472-1560 ext. 2555
Regular mail
1000 High Street, North Bay ON P1B 6S6
(705) 472-0507 Attn: ARC

Accommodation Review Committee - Working Sessions


Public Meetings, Notices, & Presentations