Left to right:

Jacques Bégin, George Whittet, Shawn Fitzsimmons, Barbara McCool, Linda Jamieson, Judy Manitowabi, Megan Collins (2017-2018) and John Willemsen.


Catholic trustees are elected in the province of Ontario by separate school ratepayers. They are entrusted with the education of children whose parents want them educated in an educational milieu and environment of Catholic belief.

In fulfilling this charge, the first role of trustees as members of school boards is to make policy and to ensure that policy is applied. Of paramount importance for Catholic boards is the development of policies which will ensure that the message of the Christian Gospel is taught with integrity in Catholic schools. Crucial also to the fulfillment of the trustee's responsibility is the serious and deliberate attention paid to the hiring and supervision of senior staff. As is the case with the Catholic educator, this role cannot be fulfilled outside the context of one's faith. Implicit in the fulfillment of these obligations is that trustees as well as all professional educators give witness to the way of life expressed by the Gospel.

Excerpt from "Witness to Faith" - OCSTA

Board of Trustees for 2014-2018

Barbara McCool, Chair
Area Represented: North Bay  
Jacques Bégin, Vice-Chair
Area Represented: East and South of the city of North Bay
Linda Jamieson, Trustee
Area Represented: North Bay
Shawn Fitzsimmons, Trustee
Area Represented: North Bay
Judy Manitowabi, Trustee
Area Represented: Nipissing First Nation
George Whittet, Trustee
Area Represented: North Bay
John Willemsen, Trustee
Area Represented: West Nipissing
Kiley George
Student Trustee (2018-2019)