Delegations to Board Meetings

Protocol for Delegations

Also available under Board Policies > Bylaws

The Board agenda will provide for Delegations, all of which shall comply with the following:

  • In order to appear as a delegation at a Regular Meeting of the Board, the individual or group must contact the Secretary of the Board at least forty-eight hours before the Tuesday preceding that Meeting;
  • The individual or group must indicate to the Secretary of the Board the name of the individual(s) who will appear as a delegation;
  • The individual(s) speaking for the delegation must provide the Secretary of the Board with sufficient written copies of the presentation. The written material must be provided in sufficient time for its inclusion in the agenda package;
  • The Chair of the Meeting at which the delegation appears will recognize only the spokesperson as the representative of any group delegation;
  • A delegation will be accorded ten minutes in order to make its presentation before the Board;
  • Where there are multiple delegations on the same topic, the Chair of the Meeting may require that presentations be combined or reduce the time of the presentations;
  • Where a matter presented by a delegation deals with a topic that should properly be considered by the Committee of the Whole Board - In Camera, the Chair of the Meeting shall halt the presentation. The presentation may continue once the Board has resolved to move into the Committee of the Whole Board - In Camera;
  • The Chair of the Meeting may terminate a presentation that deviates materially from the topic of the presentation;
  • The spokesperson(s) for a delegation shall refrain from the use of abusive or derogatory language at all times and the Chair of the Meeting may expel or exclude from any Meeting any person(s) who engage in this or any other form of improper conduct;
  • Each delegation, at the time of registration with the Secretary of the Board, shall receive a copy of this Section of the By-law;
  • Since a Trustee is permitted to place a matter on the Agenda under subsection 3.16, and is permitted to make inquiries under subsection 3.17, a Trustee shall not be permitted to appear before the Board as a delegation;
  • With respect to delegations from Board employees, where the submission is, or relates to, a matter:
    • That is personal to the speaker, there shall be no special restrictions
    • That is or may be dealt with under a Collective Agreement to which the Board is a party, such submission shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of such Collective Agreement
  • the Secretary of the Board shall be responsible to communicate the Board's response to a delegation, if any.