Catholic School Councils

Catholic School Councils are established in every school in accordance with Regulation 612 and 330/10 under the Education Act. The primary purpose of the Catholic School Council is, through the active participation of parents, to improve student achievement and enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.

School Councils have a unique role to play in bringing parents and schools together in partnership.  They can provide an important bridge between school staff, parents, home and school associations and other parent groups that may be active within the community.

The single best way for a Catholic School Council to accomplish its purpose of improving student learning is to make as its primary focus the involvement of as many parents as possible in the education of their own children. This is important as Catholic education has always acknowledged the family as having the primary responsibility in the nurture and education of children. The second reason is that all of the research clearly supports that family/parent involvement in the education of their children is one of the most powerful factors in improving student achievement. Therefore, it is important that our Catholic School Councils work at enabling parent involvement in our schools.

Catholic School Councils promote parent involvement through a variety of means such as: regular meetings, volunteering, holding family events (e.g., barbecues), newsletters, parent nights, in-service session or workshops, developing programs on parenting or tutoring, identifying resources and community support for the school, and participating in and planning liturgical celebrations.

For more information about Catholic School Councils, please refer to the Board policy or contact the principal of the school in your community.