Catholic Programs

Catholic schools are characterized as caring communities of the Church where the dignity of each person is recognized, where social justice is encouraged within and by the Church, and where students are challenged to become "fully alive". Learn More

French-as-a-Second Language

It is the policy of The Board to offer to each pupil under its jurisdiction the opportunity to develop his/her linguistic potential to a level of French fluency which satisfies his/her academic, social and vocational needs. Learn More

Special Education

The Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board is committed to creating stimulating and nurturing learning environments for all the students entrusted to its care. The Catholic school community respects, builds upon, and indeed celebrates the uniqueness of the individual, who is created in God's image.

When specialized learning is required, our shared faith vision manifests in the integration of exceptional students in an atmosphere of loving acceptance, shared responsibility and continuous support. A recognition that students with special needs are more like other students than unlike them, and a focus on abilities rather than disabilities, is the primary focus in our Catholic schools. Learn More

Aboriginal Education

Aanii . Welcome . Bonjour

The Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board is committed to improving and supporting Aboriginal student success. Our goal is to ensure students have the traditional and contemporary knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence they require to be socially contributing, politically active and economically prosperous citizens of the world nurtured by both the values of our Catholic faith and the Seven Grandfather teachings. Learn More