Computers in the Classroom

Computers in the ClassroomIn support of our commitment to Catholic education, we have and will continue to promote and encourage the integration of computers across the curriculum so that students may have opportunities, to the full extent of their abilities, to become knowledgeable and creative in their use of computers and their related technology. Students and teachers should be motivated to use computers as an integral part of their educational experiences so that they may develop self-confidence and positive attitudes towards the world of technology. All must see that "technical advances serve man and his development and do not dehumanize him or lead him to destruction". Technology "should be valued according to its true worth, i.e. as means of achieving more effectively a higher end, that of facilitating and promoting human perfection..." (Labour Day Message - 1964 Automation in Do Justice, the Social Teaching of the Canadian Catholic Bishops, p. 105, 107)

The integration of the use of computers into the curriculum is designed to enhance learning in all areas of curriculum to enable students to acquire and maintain a variety of computer skills, to acquire a broad understanding of the present and potential capabilities and uses of computers, and to ensure student adaptability to ongoing changes.

In a computer-enhanced learning environment students can develop a variety of skills such as collecting and retrieving information, analyzing data, collaborating, communicating and problem-solving in order that they may acquire knowledge and take responsibility for their own learning. They must have opportunities to employ the computer as a working and learning tool for a wide variety of tasks and purposes in many different contexts. This commitment to the integration of computers across the curriculum will necessitate a supportive partnership between the learners and the educators who are also co-learners.

This policy reflects the Board's vision, ongoing involvement and financial commitment as it strives to fulfill the mandate to integrate computers across the curriculum.