French-as-a-Second Language

Supporting Students With Special Education Needs In FSL: A Parent Guide

This guide has been developed as a way to help reassure parents that support is available so that all children can be successful in French as a Second Language. Here you will find information to support a positive experience in Ontario FSL programs, for both parent and child.

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Promising Inclusive Instructional Strategies for FSL Teachers

This document outlines some promising inclusive instructional strategies for French as a Second Language (FSL) teachers. In particular, it categorizes instructional strategies according to the strands of the Ontario FSL curriculum. The goal is to remind and/or present instructional strategies that FSL teachers can add to their repertoire to respond to the diverse needs of their students with a view to increasing student success.


Early French Immersion

Beginning in Kindergarten, the Early French Immersion program is designed to provide non-French speaking children with intensive learning opportunities to attain a high level of fluency in the French language by the end of their secondary school studies. Additionally, the program fosters favourable attitudes towards the French language, its speakers and their culture. Learn More

Core French

Core French programs are offered at the secondary school and in all elementary schools not offering Early French Immersion programs.

The program delivery model for Core French is approved by the Board. The accumulated instructional time in French-as-a-Second Language (FSL) in the elementary grades shall be in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the Ministry of Education.

The actual delivery model, including the amount of FSL instructional time at each grade level, may vary from one municipality to another in order to accommodate local demand and priorities.

Extended French

In deference to the Board's elementary schools not located in North Bay, special consideration regarding Immersion program accessibility or an alternate instructional mode may be accorded to them upon request. Availability of funds and demand will determine if such are feasible.

Where warranted, an extended program may be offered at the secondary level.

Secondary School French Immersion

Our objective is to ensure that students, who have followed an Early Immersion Program (K - 8) or who have come from a French language school, will be able to choose up to 13 credits in French language courses and courses taught in French by the end of their secondary school studies. All courses from grade 10 to 12 in the Early French Immersion programs are offered at the advanced level only. Learn More