MSB reflects on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Mother St. Bride Students and Staff Reflect on International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Posted on 01/31/2023

On Friday, January 27, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Lara Brady spoke with students and staff of Mother St. Bride about her aunt Hana Brady and the incredible story of Hana’s Suitcase.

A student asks Lara a question
(A student asks Lara Brady a question after the presentation)

Students were gathered in the school gym to listen to Lara speak about her father and aunt’s childhood in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) during WWII and how Nazi occupation separated their family and ruined their homeland. Students from grades 5 through 8 listened to Lara’s stories about Hana, her brother, and Hana’s famous suitcase and it’s inspiring international journey.

MSB Students
(Students group together to reflect on the presentation)

After the presentation, students broke into teacher-led discussion groups to reflect on the feelings, lessons and stories that Lara shared about her family, the Holocaust, and the power of love and community. At NPSC, we believe learning about the history of the Holocaust helps us to understand the ideologies behind this dark period of human history and allows us to reflect on how we can work together to end group-targeted violence for future generations. We thank Lara Brady for her time, and for sharing her family's inspiring and courageous story with our students and our Catholic school community.

Hana Brady and her brother George Brady
(A photo of Hana Brady and her brother George Brady, Lara's father)

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