School-based Publicly Funded Immunizations

Routine and School-based Publicly Funded Immunizations for Children
Posted on 07/02/2021

Please view this memo for information on the reinforcement and promotion of the importance of ongoing collaboration between public health units and school boards in the delivery of Ontario’s immunization programs. 

Below are key messages of the local immunization programming:

The COVID-19 pandemic and response activities have had many impacts across the health system, including routine vaccinations.

The Ministry of Health considers routine vaccination an essential service and part of preventative health care for Ontarians. 

The health, safety and well-being of children in Ontario is a priority and requires collaboration across sectors as we work to resume public health programming.

Public health units will be engaging and collaborating locally with school boards and other partners in the planning for routine immunization programming.

As we prepare for school in the fall, planning and delivery of routine vaccinations are important amid COVID-19 vaccination for eligible youth. 

For general information on vaccines and the diseases that children are protected from through routine immunization, visit