Core French

Core French is mandatory for all grade 4 to 8 students in English-Language elementary schools. At NPSC, we offer Core French programs in all regular English elementary schools, in our dual-tracked schools, as well as, at the secondary school.

Students must accumulate a minimum of 600 hours by the end of Grade 8.

The amount of FSL instructional time at each grade level may vary from one municipality to another in order to accommodate local demand and priorities. Please refer to individual schools for French Language instructional minutes.

Secondary Core French Program

There are many benefits for students who continue in Core French until grade 12, it develops cognitive growth, offers better understanding of first languages, offers cultural richness, increases job and travel opportunities, and offers the chance to meet new friends.

Secondary Core French Courses

Secondary Core French courses listed by grade.


Students who continue to study Core French to grade 12 will have the opportunity to complete the DELF exam, that provides them with recognition of their proficiency in areas of: Oral Comprehension, Oral Production, Written Comprehension, Written Production.

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