Secondary Core French Program

As part of the graduation requirements, it is important to note that all students must successfully complete one credit in French. Students who are not enrolled in the French immersion program will enroll in the grade 9 Core French class. Students may choose to continue to build their proficiency and confidence in French by choosing Core French as an elective course in grades 10 to 12. Course availability for those grades is subject to sufficient enrolment.

There are many benefits for students who continue in Core French until grade 12, such as, the opportunity to take the DELF Exam, the development of cognitive growth, a better understanding of the first language, cultural richness, the increase of job and travel opportunities, and the chance to meet new friends.

Core French students also benefit from the French Cultural activities organized by the French department and attended in the community.

Students who continue to study Core French to grade 12 will have the opportunity to complete the DELF Exam, which provides them with recognition of their proficiency in areas of: Oral Comprehension, Oral Production, Written Comprehension, Written Production.

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