Our Mission & Vision

AmenOur Mission

As a faith community, we provide learning opportunities that inspire, nurture and celebrate each learner's journey to:

  • Reach their full potential;
  • Be a contributing member of society;
  • Live the richness of their faith;
  • Embrace lifelong learning.

Our Vision: Rooted in Faith, Alive in Spirit

Rooted: indicates that the Catholic faith is the basis around which the Board exists and operates. That is, the faith dimension is its foundation. Like a tree, the Catholic faith represents the roots, anchoring and giving stability to the Board. The roots also represent the point where nourishment enters and gives life. The Catholic faith gives life to our learners and the organization.

Faith: represents the Catholic faith. The Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board is a Catholic School Board, built on the teachings, practices and values of the Roman Catholic Church, which need to be present in everything the Board undertakes and provides.

Alive: reflects excitement, energy, life, challenge and hope. This word gives a sense of vitality and purpose to the organization, that is, to bring to life the potentials of each learner, the richness of the Catholic faith and the realization of the aspirations of all the individuals who are stakeholders to the Board

Spirit: outlines the importance of and a focus on both the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity and human spirit, that is, a spirit for both faith and life. It is through one's spirit as an individual and as a member of the community, that each learner, staff member, parent and stakeholder is energized, moves forward, learns and is motivated to achieve their potential and be a contributing member of their community.