Indigenous Education

NPSC parents and guardians are an integral part of our Catholic school communities. Parental involvement in education has a positive and lasting impact on a child's success. Your active participation and collaboration with educators contributes to improved student achievement within our Catholic centres of learning excellence.

We appreciate your ongoing involvement, input and devotion to activities within our school communities.

Indigenous Literacy Day at Our Lady of Sorrows

Indigenous Education Program Information

Native As A Second Language

The program is designed to provide a dynamic and challenging curriculum with the following goals for our students: develop a general understanding of the nature and function of the Ojibwe language; develop a foundation of language knowledge and skills; develop an understanding of the language as an expression of a distinct culture.

Walking The Path: Student Leadership Program

This program provides Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students with lessons that include teaching about the history, traditions, beliefs cultures of Indigenous peoples including the Medicine Wheel. This powerful program serves to combat stereotypes, racism, prejudice biases as well as involve parents, Elders, family and community in planning educational activities.

First Nation Advisory Committee

Learn more about the purpose, membership, roles and responsibilities of the First Nation Advisory Committee (FNAC).

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Union of Ontario Indians

North Bay Indian Friendship Centre

North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre