Code of Ethics

Whereas the aim of Catholic Education is the development of each student towards personal fulfillment and responsible citizenship motivated by the Spirit of the Gospel and modeled on the example of Jesus Christ, the Catholic School Trustee shall, within the duties prescribed in Acts and Regulations and reflecting a ministry within the Church:

  • Acknowledge that, Catholic schools are an expression of the teaching mission of the Church;

  • Provide an example to the Catholic Community by active participation in the communal life of a parish, and by a personal lifestyle that reflects the teachings of the Church;

  • Provide the best possible Catholic education according to the programs approved by the Canadian Conference of Catholic bishops and the provincial Minister of Education;

  • Affirm a strong sense of Christian Community;

  • Recognize and defend the democratic and corporate authority of the board;

  • Respect the confidentiality of the board;

  • Strictly support all board policies;

  • Ensure the affairs of the Board are conducted with openness, justice and compassion;

  • Work to improve personal knowledge of current Catholic educational research and practices;

  • Provide support, encouragement and prayer for the efforts of all persons engaged in the ministry of Catholic Education in Canada.

Approved 1998

Canadian Catholic School Trustees' Association