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With Edsby, parents get real time insight into what's happening in the classroom.

  • See everything academic about all your kids, in real time
  • Edsby lets you see each child's school calendar
  • Edsby helps you communicate and engage with your school

Parents Meet Edsby

Getting Started With Edsby

Account Setup:

Before logging in you will receive an e-mail invite to setup your Edsby account.

If you didn't receive the e-mail please contact the school office.

Download the Edsby app on android, iOS or Windows.

iOS Download     Android Download     Microsoft Download

When launching the app, enter "npsc" in the text area (see below) and then sign in with your username and password:

Edsby School Login

Need Support?

Access tutorial videos and other support resources here:

What Parents see when they log into Edsby

Edsby Parent Support

Parent Planned Absences

Edsby for Kindergarten Families

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