Support Catholic Education

Supporting Catholic Education

Catholic education has been an integral part of Ontario’s history for more than 175 years. As a vital component of the province’s publicly funded education system, Catholic schools educate nearly 600,000 students each year.

Did you Know?

Your school support defaults to English Public each time you move residences. You must re-declare yourself as English Separate. It is important to regularly verify your tax-directed support by checking your property tax bill or speaking to your landlord. You may also call the Municipal Property Assessment Office at 1-866-296-6722 to complete school support changes for electoral purposes or to add a name(s) to an existing address.

By ensuring that you are accurately recorded as a Separate School Supporter, you will be able to cast a vote for Catholic Trustees in the 2026 Municipal Elections and you are helping to deliver a powerful message to the Ontario government about the level of support for publicly funded Catholic education in our province. This measurable level of support is essential to securing and validating the existence of our unique education system.

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