Golden Rules for Parents of French Immersion Students

The following adapted guidelines were first offered to Immersion parents by Canadian Parents for French, a national organization that supports and promotes second language learning.

  1. Be supportive at all times. Remember that your child's success in the program will be greatly influenced by your attitude and your encouragement.

  2. In the interest of your child, establish a cooperative, honest and open rapport with the teacher. Support the teacher, the program and the school.

  3. If your child is eager to share what was learned in class, encourage it, but never force him or her to do so.

  4. Allow your child to speak without correcting him/her if you are uncertain of the correct expression or pronunciation..  Building self-confidence is important at this stage of language acquisition.

  5. If possible, expose your child to French television programs, web-sites or  borrow French books and music from the library.

  6. On special occasions accompany your child to a school book fair or to a French bookstore and help him or her select a book or recording of their own choice.

  7. Take advantage of opportunities offered in your community that will increase your child's exposure to French language and culture.

  8. Be proud of your child's achievement. Let your youngster know that you are pleased with the progress being made.

  9. Remember that the success of the Immersion program depends largely on the efforts and mutual support of all involved.

See the Early French Immersion page for further information regarding the Early French Immersion Program; or contact the Board's Coordinator of FSL Programs at (705) 472-1201.